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Our first YouTube video.

It's really amazing how much effort it is YouTube Video to turn. We are absolute beginners when it comes to this and we had no idea how time-consuming it is. For the "presentation" of our professor Dr. dr Tanja from Orrec, just to prepare the scenery, took two hours alone. It is the first small video in which you can see our professor at work. She loves Mozart, fire and luminous substances. 🧪

The idea for the YouTube channel 

professor dr dr Tanja von Orrec, specialist in slimeology is not just ours slimeslime.de "Mascot" and keeps developing new Slime creations for you. She is now also a YouTube star and takes you into the world of slimeology. It is very important for us that you know how to deal with slime. Of course we already have several blog posts written about it, soon there will be our newly revised Slime Care flyer for every order and we also have our FAQs. But it also becomes tangible for the little Slime fans in picture and sound. A lot of things are much easier to represent visually and the professor is also brought to life.

What does Dr. dr so? 

The videos are mainly about slime handling. What can I do if my slime sticks? Or what if the slime is too hard? What is the best way to store my slime? What do I do with the extra bags in the package? And what is poken? You are of course always welcome to send us questions which the professor should address in her next video. We appreciate any support from you.

Take care Tony

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