Let´s play!

Team Slime - This is us.

We are a young family from a small town near Hanover: Tony, Tanja, Juano (13 years), Santino (9 years) and Mio (5 years). The three guys are also our slime profit testers. Everything we develop goes through their little hands before it makes it to the shop.


Tony - the head

The creative part of our Slime family. Never tired of coming up with new ideas for our Slime fans. Sometimes there may be too many ideas circling around in your head, typical of media designers! In return, however, graphic ideas such as our new Slime Care flyer can be implemented very quickly.


Tanya - the heart

Always honest, always hardworking. Meanwhile also a professional in the field of Shopify and Illustrator. Always keep an eye on our orders and that they are sent more than punctually and, above all, packed with love to our slime fans. Also our social media officer and responsible for Instagram.


Prof. Dr. dr Tanja von Orrec - the crazy one

The crazy professor is new to our team. She takes care of new slime creations, sometimes going overboard. Recently she presented us with a green booger slime with real secretion. That was a bit too "crass" for us. Otherwise, Dr. dr Tanja von Orrec - Professor of Slimeology -  absolutely creative and really competent.


You - the Gamer

The player on the team. Always looking for a new game, unbeatable in Mario Kart. It was Ju who had the idea for our Mein-Kraft-Slime. First we had the brown clay on top, of course that didn't work at all (because it wouldn't correspond to the game). Well, he's right.


Santino - the tireless one 

Santino, the one who never sits still. He has a lot of interests and is actually always involved in our slime production or brainstorming. Of all our slime professionals, he is the absolute expert when it comes to the consistency of the slime. His opinion is always honest and direct.


Alessia - the girl 

Alessia, our glitter specialist. She loves everything in pink, purple and with a sweet scent. She covers everything "girly" in our team and always expresses new, creative wishes. She, as a horse lover, is still longingly waiting for a horse slime. Let's see if Frau Professor can think of anything else.


Mio - the little one 

Mio, our little baby, with the sticky fingers. Slime is particularly fond of sticking to his hands, which is why he's super important to us. The phenomenon that the little rascals had greater difficulties with the consistencies of the slimes has often been observed. So the slime is the last thing to pass through his little hands again, so that even the youngest can have fun with our slimes and don't end up in a slime-glue chaos. He is also the scent officer and chooses most of the scents for the slimes in the shop.


Emil - the adventurer

Our star of the bunch. He is always looking for a new slime adventure with his miracle slime. We try to write at least four Emil adventures a year. One wish is to produce an illustrated book with all his adventures. By the way - read EMIL's name backwards :-)

Slime market here we come 🤪!

We want to shake up the slime market a bit, with new ideas and very little plastic. This is an important point that defines slimeslime.de. If you buy slime online from us, you get our Cloud Slime "Snow" in a nice little jar, for example, which you can reuse later. Our Activator and also the Softener are included with every order, and these also come in small glass bottles.

In the coming months we want to focus more on our gift boxes. At the moment we have one gift box for boys and one for girls. The goal is to every celebration such. B. Easter, Christmas etc. to have a special box on offer.

Our slime is awesome 🤩. 

All slime variants are always made of water-soluble glue and our colors are made of harmless food coloring. Each slime contains aloe vera and the most important thing: Our base slime has been tested by Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH and contains really, really small amounts of borax. The limit is 1200 mg/kg (this should be included by law) our test is 190 mg/kg. Safety is our top priority. We currently have the following slime products in the shop: Cloud Slime, Glossy Slime, Floam Slime, Icee Slime, Bingsu Slime, Micro Floam Slime and Butter Slime.

Packaging is key 📦.

Our shipping boxes are made of grass and waste paper, the packaging chips are made of cornstarch and the adhesive tape is made of paper. Our slime supplies bags are made of PVA and dissolve in water. We attach great importance to little plastic, unfortunately it is not yet possible without it, but we are working on it.

slimeslime.de Handmade with Love ❤️.

Support a small family business - either directly in the shop or on ETSY. Oh, by the way: We ship within 1-3 working days, rain, storm, snow or lockdown. If you have any questions about the ingredients or ideas for new Slime products, you can write to us directly via WhatsApp or, in the old-school way, by email.

Stay healthy.