Handmade slime from Germany.

Hi, nice to you here in our slime shop slimeslime.de to welcome. You can buy many different types of slimes from us. For example, we have Fluffy Slime, Glossy Slime, Floam Slime, Bingsu Beads Slime or Butter Slime. And the best thing is: All of our products have been scrutinized by our young testers, Juano (14 y.), Santino (10 y.) and Alessia (10 y.). You can find your very personal opinion on the various Slime products in the item details.

Our slime is from Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH tested according to DIN EN 71-1, DIN EN 71-2 and DIN EN 71-3 (Borax) safety of toys. We also add aloe vera oil to all our slimes. When you buy a slime you can be sure that it is handmade with love. Because you can't buy real slime in the supermarket, it should always be handmade - with great attention to detail. 

We sell slime for children while respecting the environment. We believe that even the little ones should come into contact with this topic. When you buy slime from us, you get it in 250ml jars that you can reuse after a lot of fun. Our labels are easy to peel off - wash them out and voilà you have a great container for your ironing beads etc. 

Whether you're a Slime fan yourself or you know someone who you can make Slime happy for, buy from us and support our cause Family business. But enough in the text. Have fun browsing and if you have any questions, please write to us via WhatsApp or email.

Your slimeslime.de Team

Our packaging.

Our stuffed animals

Our crucibles.

Buy handmade slime with aloe vera.

We worked on our slime recipe for a long time. In total we used about 50l of glue until we - and our slime testers Mio, Santino, Alessia and Juano - were satisfied with the recipe.

Now you can buy slime that is guaranteed to bring you fun. If not, tell us why and we'll get your slime replaced. We have our fun guarantee for that. Try it and buy slime from a boy family business.

you have questions Write to us via WhatsApp.