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#9 EMIL - Is pissed off.

His mother shook her head.

'He thought I didn't want any. No, they were just my biscuits. I then gave him the empty one Thrown the pack on his head and said he's no longer my friend." Emil's mother sighed. "You know what? I would say it's time for the Calming Bottle. she will you help you think. Perhaps you can find a solution to this problem yourself.' took the small bulbous bottle from the shelf and handed it to him. They hadn't had the Calming Bottle for long, but it was almost as awesome as Emil's Miracle Slime. She was a true all-rounder.

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Nr. 8 EMIL - Eine Überraschung für Oma

No. 8 EMIL - A surprise for grandma

Emil loved chocolate - almost as much as Slime did.

Excited, he stepped through the small garden gate and pressed the bell a little later. From inside he heard shuffling footsteps approaching. The door opened and his grandmother beamed at him. 'Emil, nice to have you here. come in, come in I'll make you an ice chocolate first. With the hot temperatures out there, that's just the thing." While Emil made himself comfortable on the couch in the living room, he heard his grandmother in the
kitchen rumbling.

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Nr. 7 EMIL - Dem Nikolaus auf der Spur

No. 7 EMIL - On the trail of Santa Claus

Sometime that night Santa Claus would come and fill his boots with lots of goodies.

Emil was far too excited to sleep. Suddenly he had an idea and sat up in bed with a jerk. "Of course! I could make myself invisible with the help of my miracle slime and wait for Santa Claus. He wouldn't even know I was there.” Emil's Miracle Slime had served him well, taking him from one adventure to the next. But would he really be able to make himself invisible with it?

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"Oh no! But how is Santa Claus supposed to bring the presents tomorrow if nobody is allowed to fly?”

... frightened I look at Grandma and Grandpa. Then an idea occurs to me: "Do you think Santa might need a little help this year?" I run upstairs to the spare room I'm sleeping in and pull my Miracle Slime out from under the bed. I reach in and... "Hey! Hey! Wake up. What are you doing here?' a small, pointed shoe taps my arm a few times, as if to test whether I'm still alive.

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“It's a galaxy. I think you humans call them the Milky Way."

answers me Oops impatient. "Okay, I have to go now. Please be more careful where you step next time!«. Oops turns around, but I'm still stopping him. "Wait! Can you help me? With my rocket?” “Do I look like an engineer?” Ups presses his long fingers, which he only has three on each hand, onto his hip. “You have your slime. Use that one.” Oops reminds me. "Great idea."

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“Well, that's a good start!” Frau Professor laughed and wiped a few splashes of mud from her face. "Luckily I wear glasses, huh?!" she continued to laugh. I was about to answer when the earth began to vibrate. We heard a thump thump thump coming towards us at slow and regular intervals. When we finally got to our feet and could look out over the rock in front of us, we spotted them.

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Nr.3 Kapitän Emil - Emils Abenteuer auf hoher See

No.3 Captain Emil - Emil's adventures on the high seas

“Bones, you stinking bilge rat. Get lost. And in pig gallop.

When I reached into my magic slime this morning, I had no idea that I was supposed to become a pirate. I landed on a huge barge with twelve men who stank to high heaven. We had been driving back and forth across the ocean all morning. When the first storm caught me by surprise, I turned green like an alien. Only gripping the magic slime kept me from throwing up over the rail. 

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No.2 Emil on the run!

"Huge-cheeked monkey toads!"

I almost fell off the horse's back! Who said that? And what were giant chubby monkey toads? Turning back again, I saw her. They were really mighty big, looked like monkeys but moved like toads and had the widest face you can imagine. With one jump they covered several meters and came closer and closer to us! "I can not believe it!"

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Nr.1 Emil und der Wunder-Slime!

No.1 Emil and the Miracle Slime!

Emil and the Miracle Slime!

no Mom just said no. But my birthday is coming up soon and that was my only wish. "So unfair!" I scold and stomp up the stairs to my room. "I'm not Betty!" I snort, flopping down on my bed. My aunt told mom Betty liked to play pranks with him Slime, which my uncle bought for her from the most popular slime shop in Germany. 

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