Emil - Wer ist eigentlich Emil?

Emil - who is actually Emil?

Emil - who is actually Emil?

Today I imagine Emil to meet him from time to time in the article descriptions or in the menu. There he has an extra rider who funny adventures leads. So far we have published six slime adventure stories, from various authors. Have you already read them? I would be really interested in how you find it and which slime history you like best. At the beginning we printed out the story as a PDF and put packages in your slime, in addition you could download it. But I think that too much paper in the package is often perceived as annoying, so we currently only offer the stories online for reading. If you are interested in the fact that you can download and print them down again, please let me know.

Another new idea? - Emil's adventure, such a hands -on thing

Emils (which means backwards slime) adventure - Antonio came up with it all by itself ... Chapeau! To this grandiose idea, Mr. Cerro!

The idea for Emil and his stories had (of course) Tony. To be honest, I found the idea useless and boring at the beginning and I thought that you were similar. I also believed that nobody would read the stories and that they land directly in the paper waste from the package ... I would have found a shame. Too bad about the effort and a shame about paper. Of course, Tony does not develop such ideas because he has too much boredom, but because he is looking for opportunities to create content. To pack keywords cool and enlarge our slime shop. Due to the Slime Adventure from Emil, not only a fresh wind blows through slimeslime.de-it is also entertaining for young and old (the perfect length for a good night story, I think). Anyone who feels like can participate. The imagination knows no limits. The main thing is that it has to do with slime :)

When Emil then took shape by our illustrator and I more dealt with the topic, included his figure in the articles and again our slime products were incorporated into his stories, I found it very sympathetic: D The idea suddenly made sense and I liked this common thread that slowly started to pull through our side. Everything merged with each other and I thought that was great. 

Adventurous greetings from Uetze and see you soon, your Tanja

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