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Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst und das ist: Schwarz

I see something you don't see and that is: Black

I see something you don't see and that is: Black

I see something you don't see and that is: Black

The time has come. MY very personal favorite goes to the start! the Black Bingsu Bead Slime. It smells like green tea (although I have to say I'd rather smell it than drink green tea). :D Black is just my color. For general knowledge: black is the darkest of all Colours and heard how White and Degree to the unbunten Colours. I don't always wear black and my house isn't decorated in black either. But black is simply beautiful and how should I put it, the visual part plays the bigger role for me when it comes to ASMR. Although the smell of this Bingsu Slime also triggers me. I just can't stop smelling it. You can see I'm a fan.

Why this slime?

We have the Black Bingsu Slime for them ASMR Box developed. We had actually planned to create a black slime for a long time. Now the time has come and we have implemented the idea, now you can share this ASMR Slime with us and I am particularly looking forward to it. ASMR is on everyone's lips, no matter which social media platform you are on, ASMR is simply everywhere. The slime business thrives on ASMR. A slimepressing video with no sound? Save it now! People want to hear it, feel it, and empathize with it. This is almost only possible with sound. These videos don't trigger any emotional reactions for me, but they do for millions of other people. So if you are interested - please get in touch if you would like to use our slimes for ASMR Slime Videos! 

And what's next?

Not only are Bingsu Beads included with the Black, you also get transparent Fishbowl Beads. For that very special ASMR kick, I would say. The different consistencies and shapes don't just make the clay look good. This Bingsu Slime is simply an eye-catcher! - For those who like black... like me :) As always in a slime set, there is a desired slime - which you can freely choose from our shop and a second slime, which in this case will be the nugget. We decided on two Bingsu Slimes here because they simply have the greatest acoustic appeal. With Slime Number Three you still have the option to choose a different consistency if you want it. So you can between Butter Slime, Glossy Slime, Jelly Cube Slime or Floam Slime Select. As in our others gift boxes there is a little extra to it. Here it is a mini microphone - so maybe you can use it directly for your next video?! We are excited!

Everything Black. 😎

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