im Weihnachtsfieber in Christmas fever in Christmas fever

Our system has not kept silent for weeks and we can hardly save ourselves from orders. You can clearly see that the numbers go up in the run -up to Christmas. Of course we are happy about all dimensions. At the same time, it makes us (or rather me) big headache. In each product description, we would like to point out that the products should be ordered at the earliest ten days before Christmas. We marked this note in bold and placed at the top! We did that because we absolutely want to avoid that the slimes begin to reactivate after a long lounger and you have to see your sad children's eyes for the festival because you Slime gift Just glued too much. I've been sleeping badly for days because I am already worried about the feedback after Christmas. Tony calms me down, but I am still very sure that many of our customers our information and the Slime Care Do not read the flyer. In the end I don't want to have to send any bosses and have therefore started to “overhabit” our slimes. I also add two Activator bottles to the new orders. So I hope to have done everything possible if customers have not read our information.

Reviews are worth gold

Of course, reviews are everything these days. Whether at Amazon or in other online shops, nothing works without reviews. Tony and I come from the area of ​​gastronomy. We both have years of experience with customer contact and simply attach great importance to interpersonal contact with our customers. We are really always trying to make it right and very accommodating. Of course, we also get to the point at which we find some procedures just cheeky and unfair, but unfortunately nobody is prepared. However, we always assume that you can talk about anything. And that is exactly why we are 100% “per customer”. Not only because we hope for a positive assessment, but because it is really important to us. If a positive rating jumps out, of course we are still very happy. We are very receptive to constructive criticism, so just get out what you have to say. Loved Mail Or WhatsApp.

Why rate at all?

First and foremost, ratings should disclose subjective opinions from customers. This so that potential customers get a better feeling for the product. We are lucky that we mainly get positive feedback, contact most customers with problems and questions and can be clarified so much. Of course, there is an incredible number of opinions, especially with Slime, as far as fragrance, color and nature is concerned. One loves the fragrance, the other finds him terrible. Of course you can evaluate that. But who does it help in the end? You are welcome to mention it, but because of a product, e.g. the fragrance, to take the shortage and “shoot out” is just counterproductive. That's how I see it. But I'm also the one who sells it, so it is clear that I may have a some partisan opinion. It is like food that one likes one bar, the other in turn finds it inedible. Do you like potatoes? My husband likes pasta. If I buy cookies in the supermarket, I will not bring them back on the grounds that I would not taste. That is my subjective opinion, but it doesn't help any further. I know for myself, the cookies don't hike again in the shopping cart, but for someone else they are the icing on the cake. Everyone has their taste, preferences or principles. The evaluation function is intended to help other people get to know the product. Please explain your criticisms carefully, so that it has added value for everyone. Not only for other customers, but especially for us. Just like this, we can adapt and improve our products to your wishes. A 1-star rating without explanation simply does not bring anything and just annoys us immensely because we can't draw anything from it! Because nobody can draw anything out of it.

All the best for you and always stays fair, your Tanja.

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