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Willkommen 2022

Welcome 2022

Welcome 2022

We wish you a happy, new and above all healthy year 2022!

We have now been online with slimeslime.de for 16 months and have achieved more in '21 than we had imagined. We experienced the first 'really active' Christmas with the shop, the first summer (without the expected 'summer lull'), quit the part-time job and expanded the shop further. We changed the site, developed products, went through delivery bottlenecks, received criticism and praise.

Ours have been going for about two months Slime Sets and Slime Gift Boxes through the ceiling. We are thrilled that these are enjoying such popularity. We know from many areas in retail that a set is often practical. I suspect it is most common in the cosmetics industry and of course also in the toy sector. There will definitely be more slime kits and gift ideas for kids (and/or kids) this year adult) give. 

Slime set in small or large?

Since the end of last year, our Slime have also been enjoying themselves as giveaway great popularity. We finally have "reasonable" packaging material especially for the cans. Not only do we find the new maxi letter boxes totally practical, they are of course also a lot more professional than the bubble wrap envelopes they were previously sent in... and most importantly: completely without plastic. 

For mother, father, child or maybe for grandma? 

That brings me straight to the next topic 2022. We want to split the shop up a bit, we want to create categories that should make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. We're brainstorming a lot about how it would make sense to see Slime not only as a gift for children, but also as an activity for grandma or as a concentration aid in the office. Of course, the right slime consistencies should be created as needed. It goes without saying that grandma doesn't want to soak her pants with green goo in front of the TV in the evening. Something solid is needed, for example a butter-slime that smells of lavender. Even those in their mid-thirties - like me - enjoy slime. Many, I've found in the meantime, don't know what to do with the whole subject. Some have a lot of question marks written all over their faces when you tell them that you have a slime shop. How about giving your mom, aunt or cousin a slime that smells like mulled wine, is wine red and can also be played with and kneaded in stressful situations? Totally cliche?! - Yes, we can live with that :D It's fun. We don't want to glorify alcohol consumption here. We still like the idea.

My two grannies were allowed the first 'Granny-Slime' are already testing and are unexpectedly enthusiastic about it. That gave us the final impetus to put the idea into action and actually make slime for seniors. Of course, this does not mean that the categorized slimes are only intended for one age group. It's more of a recommendation. The respective properties of the slimes are adapted to the categories, as are some of the names, but of course everyone can use them!

We look forward to a new year with you. To many new ideas and new creations.

All the best, your Tanja

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