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Slime-in giveaway-bag shopper

Slime-in giveaway-bag shopper

Testing is above studying

The giveaway cans are brand new in our shop. They come to you in handbag size. So you always have a bit of slime with you for in-between meals. But actually it wasn't our plan that you could use the slime for yourself. That thought came later. For the time being, we thought about how to offer the most environmentally friendly slime in smaller quantities. Because I had already in another blog post mentions that I'm a slime-in-gif-bag shopper and was so annoyed that until now these were only available in plastic containers. After a lot of back and forth and a lot of research work, we finally decided on the small aluminum cans, because glass just didn't exist as we had imagined. The size and the material is of course perfect for a children's birthday party giveaway. Fits perfectly in such a giveaway bag and it cannot break. Add a lollipop and/or stick-on tattoos and every child's heart will beat faster. With the idea of giveaway cans came “follow-up ideas”. Not only for giveaway, also perfect for testing. Or as a gimmick. For the next school party or a garden party. For stressed colleagues to cool down or for students as a concentration aid. So many possibilities opened up, so we decided giveaway sets offer that you can purchase for any kind of use and of course continue to use after you have had fun playing.

Implemented through your positive feedback

Sometimes we send the giveaway cans to our customers for testing. We've only had positive feedback on the amount of slime here so far. Which only strengthened the idea of offering these cans in the shop for testing our slimes. We are now very curious what you think of the idea and whether you would rather use the giveaway cans for yourself or for the next children's birthday party. Maybe also a great idea for the self-made advent calendar or the Santa boot?

Is being surprised your thing? Mini-Mystery Box

The giveaway cans are filled with the slime from our range. However, the content remains hidden from you until you receive it. Quasi a small mini-mystery box. But if you are absolutely opposed to a certain consistency, a scent or a color, you are of course welcome to contact us and we will take your wishes into account. 

Best regards, Tanya

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