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Noch 65 Tage bis Weihnachten

65 days until Christmas

65 days until Christmas

Oh, it's very Christmas...

at least in the supermarkets. I even ate the first gingerbread. I can't walk past the chocolate stars and hearts even in October. Tony always calls me the Grinch because I don't seem to get into the Christmas spirit. Of course, for the sake of the children, the house is decorated and a Christmas tree is bought. In contrast to Tony, I am the plastic tree team. Simply because there are already really beautiful artificial trees and I can reuse them. I actually like Christmas, also the decorations and gifts. Although giving presents is a thing in itself. I had already been to another for this blog post voiced. Feel free to take a look. Anyway, I don't know why he gave me that nickname...

Hohoho - sweepstakes ABC

On 01.11.21 the time has come and we will start our first Christmas competition. This will only take place on Instagram. So if you would like to win our Santas Box, please follow us Instagram. Instagram does not cooperate with us and is also not a co-organiser. You don't have to tag yourself or friends either. Only the post should be shared and commented, liked and saved in your story, here we would like to know who the slime is for and whether you want to win the gift box for yourself or for someone else. The Santas Box contains two slimes from our shop and a base slime. You will also receive a mix of supplies that you can use as you wish. The end is the first Sunday in Advent (05.12.21)

Slime Sets - October is the Slime Set Month

This month we are able to offer an above-average number of sales Slime Sets and gift boxes note down. Of course we are very happy about that. We are currently looking for an alternative to the teddy squishy from the Pyjama Party Box. We find him super cute and also very suitable for this slime set, but unfortunately the quality of the product cannot keep up with the other squishis from our gift sets. Therefore we have decided for the time being to no longer offer the teddy squishy until we have found a better alternative. We hope that in the coming months, too Slime Sets as well as gift boxes arrive so well with you. Especially for Christmas we see this as the perfect gift for all Slime fans. Please pay attention to our note in the item description. Do you want a slime, a Slime Set or a gift box for Christmas and make someone happy, please order this no earlier than ten days before the festival. If you order the slimes or the slime too early, it will reactivate after a while. You can regulate this with the supplied activator, but we want to avoid sticky fingers and sad eyes at the Christmas tree. And as we all know, first impressions count. :) So please heed this advice from us. 

Kind regards, Tanya

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