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Wir haben neue Mitgebsel! What?

We have new giveaways! What?

We have new giveaways! What?

We have new giveaways! What? 

Do you know the word giveaway or birthday giveaway? I'll be honest, I didn't know it. I only got to know this word while searching for a name for our new category. I knew what it was but not what to call it. At first we thought of a give away or a little something for gift bags - but giveaways?! Hm, admittedly the word isn't particularly sexy. But well, if you call it that, then so be it. 

Yes what is it now? 

Our new product is perfect as a giveaway for children's birthday parties, i.e. as a little something for the guests to say goodbye. You almost always get little gift bags with sweets and stuff after children's birthday parties. Now hopefully slimeslime giveaways will be given away on many birthdays. They come in our small 30ml aluminum cans, which you can of course reuse, for example as a small cream jar for on the go or for tablets, needles, spices, etc.  

Why Giveaway?

So far we have used our aluminum cans as a small thank you for some orders, and that will continue to be the case. Nevertheless, we originally had the idea of offering them as giveaways. But somehow we got away from this idea until Tanja picked it up again. There are our Migebsel in 3, 5, 10 and 15er sets. Of course, we also see this new product as a kind of advertising medium. Anyone who is enthusiastic about our 30ml giveaways will hopefully feel even more interested in slimeslime Slime and order it in the shop.


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Christmas shopping is coming soon. 

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