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Was soll man ihr bloß zum Geburtstag schenken? | slimeslime.de

What should you give her for her birthday?

What should you give her for her birthday?

Have you ever seen Lieselotte's room? She has everything! What should you give her for her birthday?

Oh, who hasn't asked themselves this question? At almost every children's birthday party, I'm faced with the problem that the children feel like they already have everything and I'm at a loss as to what else I can do to make the child happy. On toys for children it's really getting harder and harder to find. It will be easier to give them themed gifts. When the children pursue certain hobbies: swimming, dancing, horseback riding, soccer or learning an instrument. You can build on that pretty well. Be it a book, key fob, breakfast tray, etc. But sometimes you don't know the child you're giving the gift to very well, or maybe they just don't have any special hobbies or interests. 

Cash gifts and vouchers as a gift for children - okay or taboo?

I myself experience it more and more often that the parents have neither the time nor the desire to deal with the question of what the child would be happy about. This is then bypassed with a note in the envelope. Of course, it's also because the kids grow up so incredibly differently. That families are in other family life difficult to get into. Can't understand the interests or just don't know enough. One family lives for nature, they go fishing, hiking or camping. Another is concerned that the children learn a lot in order to achieve above-average academic performance. There is simply not enough time for other interests. For a few years now, boys and girls have been asking for Amazon vouchers as a birthday present - there are even more of them under the tree at Christmas. I personally find it super easy, practical and quick to do. Add a bag of gummy bears and the drops are sucked. But it's terribly impersonal. Sometimes the children want money for their birthday to fulfill a long-awaited wish, I can totally understand that too. But to make it a little more personal, I like to attach that - or the bills - to something small. There are countless DIY ideas on the Internet for creatively designing gifts of money for children. I don't think Pinterest can be beat there. I really like being inspired by it. 

Slime gifts for boys and girls

In our case, I'd love to create one too Slime, either to match gender or interest. Fortunately, there are no limits to this. So far, I have to say, each of the gifted children has been incredibly happy about their very own slime, it's always a feast to look at. For the birthday of our youngest son, his only guest (unfortunately only his best friend was allowed to come due to Corona) was allowed to make his own slime. He was so proud, it was so sweet. And these situations also show me again that what we do - with and with slimeslime.de - that's what we want, what's important to us, what makes us happy. With our creations we make children's eyes shine, they smile and forget their everyday life. This corrosive everyday life with Corona. The limitations and problems. AND they don't sit in front of a PC, TV or game console. That's why we always like to give away our Slime. Because we know it's fun. Even I caught myself the other day sitting on the couch with a slime for hours, pulling, squeezing, and sniffing it. Again and again I put it to the side and then picked it up again after a few minutes. That was really crazy but very comforting. It probably had an effect similar to that of an anti-stress ball... but it smelled a lot better. :) Speaking of which, is Slime actually just a children's toys is. The trend is developing so that adolescents or young adults also play with slime. Mainly because of the ASMR sounds (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - abbreviated ASMR refers to the experience of a tingling, pleasant feeling on the skin - so-called tingles; often experienced in a similar way to gentle electrostatic discharges / source: Wikipedia). I got this tingle on my head for the first time when my husband had a Cloudslime ordered from America. I couldn't keep my fingers off it and I would have liked to have dipped my nose directly. It was a yellow Cloudslime that smelled like Pina Colada... what a dream. What is certain is that I am not the only one with this feeling and I can therefore well imagine our Slime not only as a gift for children but also as a gift for adults to apply. Whether it's a gift for boys, girls or adults, Slime is as diverse as we humans are, so it seems to find a place in every home. In any case, the fun doesn't stop there. Regardless of whether you give the slime away or order it for yourself.

Much love, Tanya

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