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As often mentioned, our goal is to become the best slime shop in Germany. And we give everything for that. For example, we have our fun guarantee, so if one of our customers is not satisfied with our products, he gets a replacement. The only thing we need is an email with the criticisms of our slimes. We can only repair mistakes with your constructive criticism.

In my opinion, it is also important to see what the others do.

In Germany, of course, there are not as many slime shops as in America, one of the best known and largest is e.g. Which shops are there except still in Germany? 

Except for large chains, where there are usually only "China Slimes", which of course do not meet our requirements, I would like to mention. There you can largely order slime sets to do it yourself. Sets such as Unicorn Slime Set or Slime Kit Hologrogram Pretent for children to have a lot of fun producing their desired slime. I also think it's great on the website that everything there was also checked and all standards for the safety of children's toys were met. Mathis Slime Shop also offers its products on Ebay. 

We are also on Etsy.

You can not only buy our products from us in the slime shop. We are also up Etsy. There are many other slime makers there mostly from America. However, I still want to highlight an Etsy shop and that Mellowsliimezz With 2300 sales on Etsy. If you listen or know a little in the Slime Community, you arrive Mellowsliimezz not over. Especially when it comes to Slime Supplies, he is probably one of the largest and fastest suppliers in Germany in the scene. In the meantime, we also get some of our supplies from him, the contact folding is always flawless and the delivery is super fast.

I would not speak of competition here, some people probably think why we use our platform to mention other shops positively. Sure, I look very closely what everyone else is doing so some things I think others don't find others, but everyone has their own idea for the slime shop, everyone gives everything to satisfy their customers and make children's eyes shine. That's why I stay with my motto life and let life live. 

With this in mind, have a look at our colleagues :-) 


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