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Family, slime and glitter

Family, slime and glitter

My alarm clock goes off at 4:00 in the morning, I get up to do my work before the kids wake up. For almost 2 years I have been going to work in the morning to be able to take care of the children at noon. It hasn't been the dumbest idea for a year with Corona. When we shop for our slime creations opened, it naturally occurred to us that I no longer have to get up at this - for us - inhuman time. That we can only start expressing our creativity after the first coffee and that our efforts are connected with fun. Be that as it may, I am very happy that the idea has become something tangible, that we are well on the way to having fun building a business that is easy to reconcile with the family. As a mother of three children and as the wife of a creative man who seems to be exploding with ideas, I usually take on the part of somehow combining everything. work, family, household, Business

The distribution of roles at slimeslime.de

I would call my husband the head of the whole business, even though slimeslime.de is a family business. Me as >>employee of the month<<. The children play one of the most important roles… they test. And believe me - if I do say so myself, they are frigging honest. If something sucks, they say so. Scent, colour, appearance, consistency... they are the biggest critics. My husband sticks to the rail "It's a kid's toy!" I'm the one who likes to use hearts, flowers and gold. I want boho, vintage or romance. He wants to make poo lime, which smells incredibly disgusting because kids think it's super funny. So when I roll my eyes, he usually hits the mark. I'll just go tape our slime jars to be productive. My sister in law, she's 9, she's all on my side. She likes to test the pink one Glitzerslime - REGARD! before criticism comes… yes, my boys are also testing pink, strawberry-smelling glitter lime. But they just prefer really clichéd boy colors. We shouldn't demonize that. 

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... to my statement: We were criticized because we are completely clichéd - girls and boys gift boxes offer with unicorns (for girls) and dinosaurs (for boys). Please don't blame us. Google likes these keywords! And we love it when you come to our site through these keywords! That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we think in pigeonholes. When my neighbor's daughter celebrates her 6th birthday, I also google "toys for girls" and at that moment I don't really care if she prefers playing with cars. If I then buy her a coloring book with princesses, I don't do it because I don't want her coloring in dinosaurs, but because it goes better with last week's shirt that showed Elsa. forgive me! 

But back to the topic... 

Five people, many ideas and one slime

Our different ways of thinking, ideas and tastes usually meet quite balanced in the middle, even if I haven't let him get away with the poop lime yet, I'm well aware that our boys will think it's so great that it's in any special slimeslime.de will appear. I'll say it: have fun with it. :D 

Since Corona, we've actually involved the children a lot more in the business, I don't mean on the child labor track, I mean we use it as family time. We brainstorm together, we can understand and implement the children's interests, wishes and ideas much better, which of course makes it possible for us to work more interest-oriented and to develop our slimes. Our eldest son says he'd like a sun slime, yellow of course, with stars in it to really pop. So we're developing a yellow slime that doesn't have much to do with the sun anymore, but it really packs a punch. We actually like stars in slime and the sun theme too. So it's our turn to create a Universe Slimeset. Then our middle son objects that he would like one Milky Way Slime. Alright Milky Way. So a white slime that's super soft - extra fluffy... that's cool, because we don't even have fluffy slime in our range yet. And if you want to buy slime, you want to have a lot of choice... at least of types of slime. So we've gone from a yellow sun slime, to a universe slime set for kids (both boys and girls), to fluffyslime to >Go Yelloh< come… which doesn't mean all the rest falls off the back. He's just on the waiting list. But we found the >Go Yelloh< to be worthy enough not to have to remain a thought but to be included in our slime shop. And luckily you felt the same way! 

I wish you all the very best and I'll get back to you very soon with a little more everyday madness...


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