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HerOH 🦸 Bingsu Beads Slime


Heroh | Bingsu Beads Slime | 250 ml 

Who is actually your favorite superheld? Mine is Spiderman. Actually, I could also use a little spider in my laboratory. 🤔🕷Then I could become Spiderwoman! Because I don't have such a spider, Juano gave me the idea of ​​creating a new slime. Juano wanted something crackling - something everyone likes. As well as Superhero! The Bingsu Beads Slime Heroh is our new hero. With the black and blue Bingsu Beads and the red sticker, we recorded the colors of our favorite hero Spiderman. I hope our creation will also promote you to the land of the heroes. Best regards, Juano and Prof. Dr. Dr. Tanja from Orrec

Our heroh smells👃🏻 After: Cherry Vanilla

  • 250 ml Bingsu Beads Slime
  • Reusable slime tie from Ocean Plastic

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    Here you can find out some important information about our products: Slime Care

    All of our slimes are handmade, so there can be visual differences between the image and the product.Always store cool! Please note that Slime is a perishable product and reactivates after a time. The charms can sometimes vary according to availability. Danger! Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts. Slime is not edible. Keep slime from textiles. Wash hands before and after. Do not drink Activator and Softener. For each order you will get a bottle of Activator and a bottle of softener (with the exception of orders with exclusively the patch doses).

      Customer reviews

      Based on 9 reviews

      My first slime is a lot of fun!

      Too firm & hard

      I bought the slime for my daughter - but it is a little disappointed because it is very hard and firm and the softener doesn't bring that much!


      I am totally enthusiastic about the Heroh Slime, the consistency and the smell are great and I also find the colors totally beautiful! It is a little stickier than the other two varieties that I ordered, but still just right. If small pieces stick to the hand, they can easily be collected with the rest of the slime - no problem at all.

      All the best

      Very fast delivery and good quality

      I can't share the enthusiastic reviews

      The slime was very sticky from the start, the first day was not the second. After 1 week I used the entire bottle of activator piece by piece, that only helped moderately, it hiked into the fridge for 1 week and now it is liquid. Unfortunately, my son was totally annoyed by the mess.
      There is a star for my grin opening, but in total: No, thanks!