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Bingsu P 👶 Bingsu Beads Slime


Bingsu P | Bingsu Beads Slime | 250 ml 

Our Bingsu P smells👃🏻 to: baby powder

  • 250 ml Bingsu Beads Slime
  • Reusable slime tie from Ocean Plastic

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    I am in love with this crunch. The Bingsu P is a mixture of shimmering pink Bingsu Beads and a clear, soft slime and because I love this simple mixture so much, I have a few Heart-supplies Added to give the whole expression. I would not have thought that the supplies cut such a great figure. I tell you a little secret: Who knows me I know that I am a bit daring every now and then and that I am very accidental, a little baby powder from the shelf is planned exactly on the slimet bar ... or wrapped. And what should I say? Now I love the Bingsu Slime more. Not only does it look good, makes great noises and is simply super cute, now he also smells of baby powder. AWWW. 

    Here you can find out some important information about our products: Slime Care

    All of our slimes are handmade, so there can be visual differences between the image and the product. Always store cool! Please note that Slime is a perishable product and reactivates after a time. The charms can sometimes vary according to availability. Danger! Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts. Slime is not edible. Keep slime from textiles. Wash hands before and after. Do not drink Activator. For each order you will get a bottle of activator (of which are excluded with exclusively the patch doses).

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      Bingsu P 👶 Bingsu Beads Slime