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Wir haben den Amazon Buy Button

We have the Amazon Buy Button

We have the Amazon Buy Button

The time has come, we finally have the Amazon Buy Button.

We've been with ours for a few weeks slime products active on Amazon. The first sales have already arrived - not as many as desired, but still. We are the only German manufacturer of handmade slime on Amazon and we are very happy about that. 

First Step - Buy Button

We have reached the first milestone - namely we got our buy button. Everyone knows it, but few know that you can't use this button from the beginning of your Seller Career gets on Amazon. A number of criteria must be met in order to receive this. For example, the first orders must have been received and the process must have gone smoothly. That means good goods, punctual and safe shipping and good ratings.

Second Step - Bundles instead of individual goods

We will soon change our strategy on Amazon and focus more on bundles. So we will Slime Sets with two or three different slimes from our shop, hopefully to increase the shopping cart when buying on Amazon.

It remains exciting. tony

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