Verpackungsmaterial mit Mehrwert Teil 1

Packaging material with added value part 1

Packaging material with added value part 1

From the beginning, we wanted to do it a little differently. Us with our Slime shop Stand off something to integrate our private interests. Of course, it is more and more expensive and more complicated if you decide to get in an environmentally friendly manner. But for the environment, you and us were able to create something like that that everyone benefits from. Not only that we are doing something good for the environment, with our environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic containers and bubble foil, we even create a small added value for you. 

Let's start with the filling material

Our filling material is colorful packaging chips from Organic cake. They consist of plant thickness, are compostable and can also be used for handicrafts from your kids. So here applies here instead of throwing away. You have to do this moisten a little, it works best with a slightly wet sponge. Then press the chips together briefly. Through the contained Strength Combine each other and any figures can be found out of it craft. I can remember when my kids ran through Toys'r'us and carried these flips out in buckets. That was an absolute trend toys at the time. What can I say, it's a great product. It promotes creativity, it is colorful, it is not harmful to health and can be dissolved in the sink or thrown onto the compost. My almost 10-year-old son still likes to make it with it. Sometimes he sits in the warehouse on our floor in the tailor and creates so many new works of art. Incidentally, these are in a row at the window of our pack of pack :) 

Our slime glasses are also worth twice worth your purchase

Not only that they pack our slim creations safely, environmentally friendly and chic, no! Afterwards, you can continue to use them. How about new containers for spices? Sewing utensils? Cosmetic items such as cotton pads, hair tie, bobby pins or dental tabs? Or for the new table decoration? Small flowers, candles or stones, nicely arranged, are always a sweet eye -catcher. Or with the cozy sit-in with the girls? You can also use the glasses for nuts, salt rods, dip and snacks. Wash off ... re -use. In summer with a picnic for berries or as a glass for your overnight oats? You could also make a snow globe out of it for the next Christmas party (handicraft instructions: ) You see, there are an infinite number of options. 

Hasn't that convinced you yet? Next time I tell you something about the rest of our packaging. Here you personally have no added value, but your environment.

All the best and see you soon, Tanja

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