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Slime Set - What else?

Slime Set - What else?

Slime Set - What else?

Slime Set - what else?

Real Slime fans know it. There are infinite textures. Slime is as diverse and colorful as a child's imagination. And if you're browsing through our shop and don't really have a clue, you don't really know what to try first. You know the difference between Butter Slime, Bingsu Slime, or Floam maybe not at all. You don't know what is stretchy, crispy or drizzle. Of course you don’t know ‘what do I like anyway’? Yeah, that's where our new Slime Sets come in. There's just a bit of everything in there. And you don't need to worry about it. You buy a slime set and tadaaa, it's all there. All inclusive, so to speak. At home you can then decide in a relaxed manner who your personal Slime favorite is. You now say: yes, ok. Kind. But I can also buy so many different slimes. Then why a slime set? So first of all you save money - and who doesn't want that these days?! And secondly, sometimes it's just easier to let others make the decision. Sometimes when you're looking for a gift, what could be easier than buying pre-packaged sets? Oh... and where we are on the subject of gifts. You can now also find brand new in our shop gift vouchers. Have a look. For those who aren't too good with choices either...or just think it might be better not to make choices in this particular Slime case. ;)


Why do our slime sets have these names?

"It's a bit of a stretch..." Tony said to me that night as we were having the Slime Sets designed and he edited the images for the articles. "...but what do you think if we name them after the Ghostbusters?" Yes, maybe it's far fetched, but I loved the idea. I loved her. And I was a little bit proud of my husband's creativity. Naturally. Slime is first and foremost that green gooey stuff we all had in our kid's closets in eighteen hundred shoot me dead. And we all loved the Ghostbusters. And Slimer. So we wrote lyrics. Fast and somehow out of context. Upload the articles and that's it. OK. They had these names. For us it made sense. But it didn't really make sense. The lyrics to the slime sets just didn't seem right at all. Keyword related, yes. Appropriate, negative. That same evening I changed the lyrics and adapted slime set for slime set to its namesake. It remains to be seen whether I have succeeded in doing this. But I feel a lot better with it. Also less keyword related. It's like home here. Tony always says it's all beautiful. Not practical. But nice. That's why I'm the heart here and he's the head. He asks about the meaning, I ask about the feel-good factor. And in the end, the two always complement each other wonderfully. It's like that in business, it's like that with slime sets, it's like that at home. 

Every medal has two sides. Even Slime. Green and slimy. Fragrant and soft. Choose yourself ;)

love goes out Tanya.

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