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Wir bieten euch das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk

We offer you the perfect Christmas present

We offer you the perfect Christmas present

We offer you the perfect Christmas present

In less than two months, the celebration of love is just around the corner. Do you already have all the gifts together or are you still missing one or the other?

Buy play dough as a Christmas present

How about this year, for example, with our brand new play dough? Ours are available in our shop in many different colors or already beautifully packaged as a gift box. This is not just ours OHKnete, but also a plush toy and one of our slimes to go with it giveaway.

Try it first?

If you don't know whether the clay is something for you or your loved ones, you are welcome to try it out first by buying it in the form of our giveaways. They come to you in small 35 ml jars and you can test the consistency, the color and also the smell, because this is also very special with our putty thanks to essential oils.

Assemble the set yourself

Should you our gift boxes If that's not enough, you can of course also buy different products and put together a very individual gift. For example, combine our OHKnete with our Slime or one Calming Bottle. We have enough selection in our shop for every taste. It's best to stop by right away. And remember to order in good time, because it is well known that the postal route takes longer before Christmas. The exception here is our slime, which should be ordered no earlier than 7 days before Christmas so that the right consistency is maintained.

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