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Adventskalender: Türchen 1 - Die Kerze

Advent calendar: door 1 - the candle

Advent calendar: door 1 - the candle

Door 1 - The candle

You need:

- a small amount of yellow OHKnete
- a small amount of red OHK nets
- a tiny amount gray OHK nets
- a slightly larger ball of blue or green OHK nets

That's how it's done:

You start with the blue or green dough and knead it properly. Then either roll them between your hands or on a flat surface into a small sausage. Use your finger to flatten the ends of the sausage so that you now have the shape of a block candle.

Now you can take a small amount of red play dough and a small amount of yellow play dough and use the two colors to create a flame. If you like, you can even create a really nice color gradient here by mixing the colors a little at the transition.

Now take the gray dough and rub it between your index finger and thumb into a small roll. This will be your wick - you now place this on your flame and bring both to your block candle. That's it!

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