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Unsere neuen Geschenkboxen sind da

Our new gift boxes are here

Our new gift boxes are here


Maybe you already know our slime gift boxes, but now comes the big hit: We now also have gift boxes with our clay in our shop. Each one also has a super cool stuffed animal. In this blog post we would like to introduce you to our new additions in detail.

TÜV tested

First of all, it should be said that TÜV Rheinland has put our plush toys from the Minifeet brand through their paces. Like us, this brand also stands for the highest standards in terms of quality, workmanship, material and, of course, safety. Therefore, it goes without saying that all stuffed animals meet the legal requirements. In many cases these are even exceeded.

Box „Greenie“

Everything is green? Well, not quite. But the Greenie frog harmonises fantastically with our green play dough. Don't you agree? But the green dough doesn't come alone, it also brings its buddies red, blue and yellow with it.

Box „Bobby“

The plush bear Bobby not only looks just as fluffy as Greenie, he is too. He has the same four colors in his luggage. But pssst, these are 100ml larger though. Better not tell the plush frog. We don't want him to get jealous, do we?

Box „Lilly“

The rhino lady Lilly only has two varieties for you, but also very special ones because they glitter. So be sure to check her out if you don't want to miss it.

Box „Capone“

Plush dog Capone aims high. Although he only has one type of our clay in his gift box (choice of blue, yellow, red or green), it is in our largest 600 ml jar made of Ocean Plastic. With it, even your biggest building projects will succeed.

What would a gift box be without slime?

And because we as Slimeshop simply can't help it, there is also a giveaway of our slime of your choice in every clay gift box.

So do you want to stay with us? play dough buy, take a look at our gift boxes. And remember: Christmas is coming soon. Maybe you are still looking for a Christmas present for children. Our stuffed animals would definitely be happy about new playmates.

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