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Adventskalender: Türchen 6 - Der Nikolausstrumpf

Advent calendar: door 6 - Santa's stocking

Advent calendar: door 6 - Santa's stocking

Door 6 - Santa's stocking

You must have been looking forward to today - it's St. Nicholas Day. Cleaned boots are in front of the door and are waiting to be filled. Whether tangerines, nuts or chocolate, it is a great pleasure every year when you get out of bed, still wrapped in the warm blanket and then look at your stuffed shoes. Matching this we knead a Santa Claus stocking today.

You need:

your yellow OHKnete
your green OHKnete
your red OHKnete
a cutting tool
a role

That's how it's done:

First you take your red dough and roll it out not too thin on a smooth surface. Then you cut them into the shape of a stocking. Basically we're done here, but we still want to decorate the stocking a bit so that it looks like Christmas - that's clear!

So you take your green dough and roll it into a strand between your palms or on a smooth surface. Not too thick not too thin, do it by feel. The strand shouldn't be too thin, because we still have plans for it. Place the string, or as we like to say, the "sausage" above the boot almost to the "opening" for the candy. Then you take your cutting tool and carve it diagonally upwards and downwards at irregular intervals. A fir tree look is created.

Now it's time for the yellow putty. Take a tiny amount of this and roll it between your fingers again into a small "sausage", this time it can be really thin. Divide or fold the sausage in half and place it on your fir tree garland with the opening facing down. Take some more yellow play dough and roll it into two balls of roughly the same size, which you put on the ends of your yellow sausage. If you like, you can leave it as is or decorate your stocking as you wish.

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