Advent calendar: door 18 - the elf hat

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Door 18 - The elf hat

Today is already the fourth Sunday of Advent and all the elves are in turmoil. The final work is pending, the last Christmas presents are being wrapped. The elf hat must not be missing!

You need:

your white OHK net
your red OH nets

That's how it's done:

With your red clay you first form a cone, which you can make a little "softer" with your fingers. Press in a little in the middle to make it crumbly and let it flare out a little further towards the bottom, so that your hat looks a bit "baggy". But this is not a must. We also shaped our tip a bit more slanted, so it looked a little softer.

Next, grab your white play dough and roll a long strand out of it, which you simply wrap completely around the bottom edge of your hat. You can press it down a bit or just leave it like that, it's entirely up to you. Finally, the white pompom, which of course you also form from your white playdough. Simply roll a small ball out of it - and you're done. 


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