Advent calendar: Door 17 - The snowman

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Door 17 - The Snowman

You need:

your white OHKnete
your black OHK net
your red OH nets
your orange OH nets
cutting tool

That's how it's done: 

You start with your white dough and form two balls out of it, ideally making one a little bigger. This ball will become your stomach, you simply place the smaller ball, which will become your snowman head, on the larger ball. 

Roll out your red dough flat on a smooth surface and cut a scarf out of it. You put this around your snowman between the two balls.

Roll four small balls out of your black dough. Place two of them in the middle of the lower snow ball as buttons, the other two for the eyes on the upper snow ball. 

Now we form another nose, which is of course formed from the orange plasticine. Our snowman typically gets a carrot nose. 

Finally we put a hat on our snowman. To do this, form a cylinder out of your black dough, then roll out a small circle, not too thin. You can also just form a ball and flatten it. First put the plate and then the cylinder on your snowman Hut on the head. Your snowman is ready.

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