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slimeslime.de Fan: Cori

slimeslime.de Fan: Cori

slimeslime.de Fan: Cori

I've been enjoying watching Youtube Slime videos for a while now. Mostly these videos are from the USA and the slimes in them are from relatively well-known slime manufacturers from the States. After many videos, I wanted to see for myself whether I could also order good slimes in Germany.

I found what I was looking for on Etsy a few months ago and was incredibly disappointed when my slimes arrived. All were fragrance-free, totally sticky and liquid after a few days. I was so annoyed by this that I stopped looking for other shops. By chance I came across slimeslime.de.
The photos and videos convinced me a lot, which is why I decided to give this slime shop a chance. Lo and behold. I was not disappointed.
I got really great slimes that smelled wonderful and could score with me thanks to their different consistencies.

Since the arrival of my order I have been playing with you every day. It's incredibly calming and fun! I'm looking forward to ordering from slimeslimes.de again and sniffing all the great scents.

Was the slime for you?
I bought the slime for myself.

Have you bought slime online before?
Yes, I had previously bought Slime online from another shop and was very dissatisfied.

What's your favorite consistency?
I love butter slime and bingsu slime.

Which Slime would you like to be next among us?
Because of this, I wish for more great butter and bingsu slimes. In terms of color, I find a bright mint very beautiful.

What improvement suggestion would you have for us?
In fact, I have no suggestions for improvement. The slimes are great in scent, color, consistency and also packaging and storage. Just keep it up!

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