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MEX Berlin. Krass.

MEX Berlin. Krass.

MEX Berlin. Krass.

Today we made a little trip to Berlin Mex Manga & Entertainment Expo. And I have to say 'crass' I was really overwhelmed - so many costumes, colors and impressions. I felt like I was in another world. But it was just really cool that everyone could be whoever they wanted and no one judged or looked at anyone else for it.

There were several halls and rooms.

In which, for example, workshops have also taken place. Of course, the gaming room was the coolest for the boys - understandably. For me the booths of illustrators who presented their manga comics and drawings were the most interesting. This is how our first cooperation with an artist from Dresden came about. It will be one slimeslime.de give manga edition. But more on that in the next few days. I can promise you in advance that it will be really, really cool and I'm really looking forward to it.

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