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Schleim kaufen - zum verschenken in groß, klein, mittel?

Buy slime - to give away in large, small, medium?

Buy slime - to give away in large, small, medium?

When I think about how often I Slime bought for my boys, I can honestly say they've been sold by the kilo. All the cups alone that went over the counter for the gift bags of the annual children's birthday parties - in triplicate... I can't count them. Unfortunately, and you know that if you've read my other posts, it wasn't really done in an environmentally friendly way, and that pisses me off a bit. I'm probably not the most exemplary environmental activist, but I try to do a small part. But please don't do that already at the toys for children the end. 

Slime to give away, as a small gift - in a bag next to lollipops and fizzy powder

The next thought that came to me was whether it wouldn't be fabulous to put these cups in the gift bags children's birthdays also be able to make it environmentally friendly. Especially for children's birthday parties. Slime to give away, as a small giveaway in a bag next to the lollipop and the effervescent powder. Instead of a toy car or some other plastic thing that only lasts from morning to noon. I'm currently working flat out to find suitable glasses that meet our requirements. The typical mini jam jars are somehow just super uncool. But finding a vessel of the right size is actually more difficult than initially thought. It should also be affordable, so that when you buy one Slimes no unnecessary costs are incurred and you simply enjoy the whole thing. Otherwise, reaching into the plastic slime shelf is very close again.

Slime gifts for boys and girls are always a safe bet.

I've never hit a wall with it. Never. It is also the case that it is actually often the case that Slime such a gift is that “other people” buy it because their own parents don’t. I can still remember very well that friends once asked me what they could bring my children with them when they visited. The first thing that came to my mind was: “Stuff that you don't always like to buy yourself” - junk like farts slime, sticky hands, soap bubbles, kink bracelets etc. And guess what was there for sure!? - Naturally! - Slime. At the time, I had no idea how awesome this product was. How diverse and changeable. I never would have thought of the fact that slime can smell good. And he actually always stunk to high heaven. Previously!

But it's not just birthdays. - Christmas, Easter, name days or children's days also need to be made slimier. We will definitely be dealing with that a lot more this year. There are still many cherries on the cake. Promised!

All the best, Tanya

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