Aus Fehlern lernt man 

You learn from mistakes 

You learn from mistakes 

There are moments in life when I have the feeling that everything is somehow round. There are many small things that make you a leg every day. With it is the case that we have received positive feedback throughout a very long period of time. For us, in relation to the production of a toy for children, that was simply fantastic. Of course we know that all age groups play with slime today, but we were more on the way from the start, it is just as Toys for children - to get to the market for your boys and girls. Regardless of this, it was now the case that we received two to three negative feedback (or partly negative, but if with very constructive criticism). As I said, it was polite emails, so none that you had to be annoyed about. Since everyday life at the moment is really difficult by many restrictions and the motivation and enthusiasm (in relation to everyday life) is actually the case that these feedback had already pulled me down a bit. If you hovered on cloud seven, of course, you reluctantly release the podium again. Somehow it is human, just as human is to be able to deal with it and become aware that it is completely okay. I am really a bit sensitive, but my husband quickly shows me that it is not quite as bad as I had imagined. In the meantime I know that it is nonsense and I also know that this happens. That you cannot satisfy everyone and especially not when the orders are piling up. But - and that is the most important point that you can learn so much from these reviews. It has always said: you learn from mistakes. In addition - my husband said: "Don't get too annoyed, but enjoy that so many other people find what we do well." And he is right. After all, it is the case that we can count ourselves really lucky.

Slime as a toy for children, more should be put to the fore

Since we want to put the topic of toys more in the foreground for children, we are currently making a little bit on the side. We just want to make some things a little childish. Not so much will change from the design, but we want to change smaller details that are simply more appealing for children. Our illustrator is very busy to put some ideas from us into action at the factory and we are already excited to see how you will find it. Because around our Slime To design more attractive for the little ones, you can soon purchase each of our Slimes, a sticker in the range, in the appropriate design. We have already received the first designs and are super enthusiastic about the sweet extras. Even if we think that Slime was originally intended as a toy for children, we are of course also happy about any other customer that we can satisfy with our products. Please don't understand that wrong. There is no age restriction: D 

Get to know our products even better - product videos make it possible

So that you can get a picture of our products even easier, we have uploaded short slim videos for you. I had already reported on the topic of videos. And social media - unfortunately we haven't got much further at the moment. To be honest, we lack a little time. We have already started to implement another idea. Juano had to serve with his kneading art a few times and you can also discover my giant hands in some products on the page. To show you that you can play fantastic with our slime, that it is stretchy, soft and flexible, that he does not stick to your hands or tears with every movement, we have uploaded videos to the individual products. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to look at it.

See you very soon & all the best

Your Tanja


  • Ich finde die Produktvideos toll! Ich habe schon Floam und Bingsu Bead slime von euch probiert. Ist es normal, dass der slime nach einer Zeit an base verliert und keine Struktur mehr hat?
    Jedenfalls war ich jedesmal begeistert von Farbe, service und Geruch. Habe heute die in meiner Sammlung fehlenden slime Typen bei euch bestellt 😚
    Freu mich schon!

    Inci on

  • Fände die idee cool dass wenn jemand zum zweiten oder dritten mal bestellt er einen kleinen rabatt bekommt fürs nächste mal 😋✌🏻
    Außerdem hab ich noch ein paar slime ideen: sand beach, gelber cloud slime der nach frucht riecht und crystal clear slime, ein coated clear slime (der ist klar und riecht nach nichts, coated bedeutet, der klebt nicht so) gutes rezept dafür hier:
    Außerdem könnt ihr vielleicht mal einen snow fizz slime probieren, mit fake snow statt instant snow! Ihr habt echt potenzial!

    Joana on

  • Find ich super mit den Videos, jetzt weiß ich, wie der SNOW Slime aus schaut und werde ihn mir bestellen! Danke!

    Mala on

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