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Slime Move´s

Slime Move´s

Slime Move´s

There is no right or wrong way to play with Slime! The main thing is that you enjoy it. Nevertheless, I would like to explain three techniques to you today that are a lot of fun and are very popular with many Slime fans.

The Swirl

A classic pro move. Start stretching your slime and fold in half now stretch your slime and fold it again, feel free to do that do a few times. hold one Part the slime up and the other part on your palm and wrap now your slime to one spiral up. The Best Slime Texture for 'The Swirl' is Butter Slime - my personal recommendation in our shop is the: DinoH.


A very popular and easy way to play with slime. Place your slime on a clean and level surface and simply dip your fingers deep into the slime. The fun part is feeling the slime expand and wrap around your fingers, the "pocking" creates momentary indentations in the slime that then flow back together. Especially recommended if you like ASMR noises. The best slime texture for pocking is the glossy slime. My personal recommendation from our slime shop is: UniHorn

Squeezing & Popping

Highly recommended for all ASMR fans. Start by kneading and stretching your slime. Now lay your slime on a flat and clean surface.
Spread your slime on the mat, now take the top part and pull it up a bit and fold it onto the bottom part. The more air it contains, the more fun you will have crushing the air bubbles. Our Butter or Glossy is best suited for Squeezing & Popping
Slime - my personal recommendation is this: AlienEYE

Again, there is no right or wrong (just don't eat it) when playing with slime. The main thing is simply that you have a whole lot of fun.

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