We have the right gift idea for children.

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We have the right gift idea for children.

Whether it's for a birthday, Easter, St. Nicholas, Christmas or just because: we have the right gift idea for children, and that's ours slimeslime.de-Boxes. At the moment we have them Gift box dinosaur as a gift for boys and women GiftBox EinHorn as a gift for girls in the range. 

All our boxes are lovingly put together.

Each box contains a dinosaur or unicorn squishy, three different types of slime (one of which is your choice), our duo activator, softener and a Care Sheet, which describes exactly how best to handle our slime so that you can enjoy it for a long time. 

We are planning several gift ideas for children in the future, they will always be complete gift boxes, so you can find something suitable for every occasion.



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