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A review.

A review.

a review

In the first lockdown we had the idea for slimeslime.de and now in the (unfortunately) second lockdown I am writing about how things have gone so far. We are in the fortunate position that we are doing well in terms of health and economy. Many people visited our site in 2020 and also bought Slime. Of course we are very happy about that. Without doing any great advertising for it, we were able to make some children happy. As far as the number of slime orders is concerned, there is of course still a lot of room for improvement.

What are we going to do next?

At the moment we are gradually reprinting all of our front labels: in larger quantities and we are also playing with the size. A very important point is that we leave all our product images to a professional photographer, so they end up being much more appealing and our slime shop looking even more beautiful. In any case, a new, larger planetary mixer will move in within the next few weeks, because our current one is gradually becoming too small 😀. An important project are our gift boxes. We want to offer the right box for every holiday. We are working hard on that at the moment.

It remains exciting. Bye for now.


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