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Slime Set Egon 👻 3 Slimes + Activator and Softener


Slime-Set Egon 👻 3 Slimes + Activator and Softener

"There is something very important that I forgot to tell you: You must never cross the laser flows!" - Dr. Egon Spengler

But Egon lived up to his name again. Egon, the brain of the Ghostbusters, has come up with something very special for you. You don't have to do anything anymore. He took his three favorite slimes out of our shop especially for you and packed it into an adventurous slime set. He brought with him for you: Unihorn- our gloss slim-, Alieneye and Floam B- Floam Slime. With the purchase of a Ghostbuster Slime set, you save 20 % at the conventional shop price.

Summarized here again:

  • 1x slime unihorn | Glossy slime | 👃🏻: Magic wand | 250 ml
  • 1x slime alieneye | Glossy Glow Slime | 👃🏻: Vanilla | 250 ml
  • 1x slime floam b | Floam slime | 👃🏻: Bubble gum | 250 ml
  • 1x Activator 1x softener

Good to know:

✈️ Delivery time: - D - 3-5 workdays -EU- 5-7 working days
☝🏼Free shipping within -D- From 50 €
😄 Do you know play corn? Let's use as packaging chips!

Here you can find out some important information about our products: Slime Care

All of our slimes are handmade, so there can be visual differences between the image and the product.Always store cool! Please note that Slime is a perishable product and reactivates after a time. The charms can sometimes vary according to availability. Danger! Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts. Slime is not edible. Keep slime from textiles. Wash hands before and after. Do not drink Activator and Softener. For each order you will get a bottle of Activator and a bottle of softener (with the exception of orders with exclusively the patch doses).

      Customer reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Judith Lazzara
      Super mucus!

      We gave our daughter's mucus for his birthday. She has a lot of fun with it and is totally thrilled!
      A mucus as she otherwise only knows from videos.
      Customer service is also great!
      Thank you for the magical slimeslime moments. The slime fever is spreading in the family.😅

      Detlef Kobus

      Everything great

      Ilona Neubert
      Super slimes for me :)

      I love the Set Egon, the 3 different slimes have all different textures and it relaxes and is fun to work with it. Thank you for the super fast delivery, I was really out of the house when I had my hand for the first time <3

      Great set

      The three slimes are all great to relax and enjoy.
      The different textures are exactly what I wanted.

      Laura Scoggins
      A great gift for me! :)

      The slimes were there the next day and all feel great in their way and also smell good.
      I use the slimes to have something for your hands to play during the lecture or in front of the television. As a result, I don't go away and do not reach directly into the snack box :)
      You can tell that there is love in these products! Thank you very much!