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5x fellow 🍀 35 ml each


Mit | 5 pieces | 35 ml each

Whether for testing or giving away. To take away or for the little fun occasionally. You can now get our ginger doses entirely naturally🍁 filled. I am and will remain Slime-Fan but it Is a head-to-head race with the oh minet. I'm just so in love with This soft texture and this fragrance that I am often willing to do Slime passion to the back. You understand what I mean when you This ohknet fed with five colors of our plasticine filled with five colors received. The joors come to you in 35 ml of aluminums in the
Colors: red (raspberry), blue (blueberry), green (agave), yellow (pineapple) and Orange (orange) - by the way, there is no fruit for plasticine! These are the fragrances the essential oils in our Oh.

Greetings from my laboratory, your Prof. Dr. Dr. Tanja from Orrec.

  • Different varieties plasticine  
  • Reusable aluminum doses

Good to know:

  • ⚠️ contains wheat
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  • 😄 Do you actually know play corn?
    Let's use as packaging chips!

Here you can find out some important information about our products: Slime Care

Our Ohkneten is handmade, so there can be visual differences between the image and the product. Please note that gravel is a perishable product. Store the playing clay airtight. Our oh minet contains wheat. Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts. Knette is not edible. Keep the plasticine away from textiles. Wash hands before and after use. 

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