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Blue T. 🥶 Icee Slime


Blue T. | Icee slime | 200 ml

Icee Icee Baby (nobody knows this song here anyway. I am so old 😭). Here comes my first Icee slime. Mega! Super cool consistency - really soft. Fun while playing is guaranteed. It is available once in ice blue and once in Sweet pink. My favorite is the blue. I was inspired by it on my last skiing holiday. In the evening, when I snuggled up in my ceiling and drank with a hot chocolate with cream on the veranda, the moonlight had so beautifully darkened in the icicles that hung from the roof 🤩. I absolutely had to capture that. Greetings from the laboratory, your Prof. Dr. Dr. by Orrec.

The Blue T. smells👃🏻 to: French croissant

  • 250 ml Icee slime
  • Reusable slime tie from Ocean Plastic

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😄 Do you know play corn? Let's use as packaging chips!

Here you can find out some important information about our products: Slime Care

All of our slimes are handmade, so there can be visual differences between the image and the product.Always store cool! Please note that Slime is a perishable product and reactivates after a time. The charms can sometimes vary according to availability. Danger! Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts. Slime is not edible. Keep slime from textiles. Wash hands before and after. Do not drink Activator and Softener. For each order you will get a bottle of Activator and a bottle of softener (with the exception of orders with exclusively the patch doses).

    Customer reviews

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    Was very sticky. I kneaded for a long time and was still very sticky. Also tried with Slime Activator. Many small pieces distributed everywhere. Smell was pleasant but woven.


    Blue t was/is great and is fun.
    It's a bit warm at the moment, so I store it in the fridge. That fits the slime even better when it cools my hands. :)

    Ann-Kristin Eggert
    Simply good!

    Great slime. My daughter, a real slime connoisseur, is absolutely enthusiastic.

    Nicole Sturm
    Super slime!

    Super slime, our daughter is mega enthusiastic. And as an adult, too, I have played a little bit with it. Excellent! And your service: mega class !!

    Great slime

    Great slime and great packaging with the glass container. Great that Activator and Softers are also included. Fast delivery! I will definitely order again.