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Warum eigentlich ein Slime Set?

Why a Slime Set?

Why a Slime Set?

Do you know why our slime sets are called Raymond, Peter, Winston and Egon? These are the names of the characters from the first Ghostbusters film that was released in 1984. It was in this film that I first encountered Slime, I loved Wolverine Slimer - as probably most of you do.  Cheeky, clumsy and very lovable. In this blog article we take a closer look at the different slime sets.

Why a Slime Set?

With our slime set you save exactly 20% compared to buying the individual slimes. In addition, our slime set is perfect as a gift for boys and girls.  You have different consistencies in the sets - for someone who is not yet familiar with slime and wants to give the slime set as a gift, this is the perfect solution.

Our four different slime sets. What do you get with a purchase?

In every slime set is always ours Super Duo Activator and Softener included, if the consistency of our slime products isn't what you want, you can adjust them with it.

Slime Set Raymond 
Included in the Slime Set Raymond are our Icee Slime Blue T (available as a set with our changing turtle shield), you also get our Cube Slime Milky Way with glowing supplies and last but not least our Bingsu Beats Slime HerOh. You get three completely different consistencies in just one order.

Slime Set Peter 
Our bestseller BonOhBon Butter Slime - one of the most popular slimes in the shop right from the start. Do you know what AffenPups smells like? No? Then you can find out with this slime set - our Cube Slime Monkey Farts has a really cool consistency and crushing the cubes is super fun. Also included is one of our first slime creations, Floam P, our Floam Slime.

Slime Set Winston
It glows in the dark! Our AlienEYE, a glowing glossy slime with great alien supplies. One of my absolute favorite slimes. Go Yelloh, bright yellow with micro floams - our Go Yelloh smells like Gummi Bear. You also get our Icee Slime Pink T with the Winston Slime Set. You can also get this in a gift set with our Turtle Turtle.

Slime Set Egon
Ntella smells so deliciously like nut nougat, one of our most popular butte slimes. You also get our Floam B that smells like bubble gum. Gold Diggaaaaa - our nugget Bingsu Beads Slime is a piece of real gold. By the way, our Bingsu Bead Slime nugget is perfect for ASMR noises.

As you can see, there is something for everyone in our slime sets. If not, you can also check out our gift boxes for boys and girls. 

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