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September. Schiebst du noch oder kaufst du schon? - Weihnachtsgeschenk Edition

September. Are you still pushing or are you already buying? - Christmas Gift Edition

September. Are you still pushing or are you already buying? - Christmas Gift Edition

September. Are you still pushing or are you already buying? - Christmas Gift Edition

Some are still putting it off for a long time, others are already starting to look for a gift. Christmas gifts for children. big topic. It's getting fancier, more and more, bigger and bigger. It's getting more technical and media related. I have varying degrees of success in getting Christmas presents for my children every year.

Christmas gifts for children - it's like that with us...

For our little one, he's five, it's quite difficult now, I have to admit. He's sort of in between: I'm big now and I can play Switch, but I'm not big enough to own one and actually I still like playing with cars and action figures. So Christmas gifts for boys of this age can be quite difficult. We are lucky that our little one is still busy expressing himself on the subject of wishes. Which brings me straight to the next topic. consumerism. Two years ago at Christmas in the evening I arranged the presents for the children under the tree and suddenly felt bad. There must have been three presents underneath for everyone, but it looked incredibly puny. So I started all serious again and struck again in the supermarket. Just so it's "prettier" for the kids. Isn't that absolutely crazy? 

Child two is the hardest of all to gift. He actually has a lot of interests and is he a bright, inquisitive little guy with a tendency to exaggerate - higher, further, faster. He does a lot of outdoor activities. The absolute highlight for him: everything he can control with a spark. Drones, helicopters, planes, cars, etc. It's a great hobby in itself, but a new, controllable device every year? It probably boils down to that. He's a boy scout... he likes carving and camping so he also has outdoor gadgets. Flashlights, backpack, drinking bottle, etc. and three question mark books (they are always with us). Finding a Christmas present for a boy aged nine, or ten by this holiday season, is possible but not easy...at least it is for us! Maybe you still have tips?

Our big one has exactly three interests: gaming, programming and drawing. In fact, it always boils down to something technical. So with him we've come to the point that there's only one gift and something bigger or more expensive (but only a gift? - Yes, of course). My husband and I have exactly the same situation every year: “Honey, we're really not giving each other anything this year!” “No, honey, really not this year. But don't you buy me something and I'll be left without anything!« Yes, and because both are scared of being left without something while the other has gotten something, we always have something under the tree for ourselves. 

Christmas gifts - and what about the rest of the family?

Luckily for me, we and the rest of the family have been creating the fantastic Secret Santa scheme for years. This means that everyone only draws one other person who they have to give presents to. Of course, the fixed amount of 50 euros is grossly exceeded... but I've come to terms with that in the meantime. So Christmas gifts for family are a thing of the past... after all.

So, Christmas gifts for children. Tell her...

... how do you handle that? Is there a budget limit? Is there a limit to the number of gifts? Do you have a special “procedure”? Are there also Christmas gifts for friends? Christmas gifts for the niece or nephew? For the godchild? Grandpa, uncle, aunt and cousins? How do you feel about everyday consumerism? Has he moved in with you or are you keeping him at a distance? I am an absolute victim of consumerism. And not just in a selfish way. Also for the others. If I could, I would buy my kids anything. I would also completely renovate and redecorate their rooms once a year. I would also fill the rooms with stuff they love. But then it gets even more difficult at Christmas and whether that would be advisable from an educational point of view... I'm not convinced :D. Regardless of that, I'm sure you still need a little gift for one or the other child. Not entirely altruistically, I would suggest Slime to you as a Christmas present. Maybe in Set? Maybe with one stuffed animal or one Squishy? One or the other possibility is offered in our shop. With that in mind... go to our shop and buy whatever you can. I'm completely on your side :D and your family members, friends and relatives who are to be given gifts will certainly be too.

Happy Holidays and Hohoho.

Your Tanya

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