Advent calendar: Door 9 - The Christmas wreath

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Posted by Tanja Cerro am

Door 9 - The Christmas wreath

You need:

your green OHK nets
your red OH nets
your yellow OH nets

That's how it's done:

Take your green putty and knead it properly. Roll it between your hands into a thicker "sausage" and drape your playdough into a wreath. Now it's your turn for the red putty. You also roll these between your hands into a - this time - very thin "sausage" and place them in individual small parts or wrap them as a whole around your wreath, you can also do this very well at the point where you connected the green dough conceal. You can set small accents with your yellow clay by decorating your Christmas wreath with it. For example with small balls, stars or just a few "points of light".

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