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Adventskalender: Türchen 10 - Das Lebkuchenmännchen

Advent calendar: door 10 - the gingerbread man

Advent calendar: door 10 - the gingerbread man

Door 10 - The gingerbread man

You need:

your red OHKnete
your green OHKnete
your black OHKnete (coming soon)
your yellow OHK net
a role or an alternative
cutting tool

That's how it's done:

Today we first have to mix our red clay and the green clay together so that you get the brown clay for your gingerbread man. Depending on how you mix your colors, the brown tone changes, we mixed about 50:50. Now you've mixed up your brown dough and it's ready to roll out. Cut out your male. Start at the head. Two arms, two legs and it's done.

Now we want to give the male a face. To do this, you take your black dough and roll out two eyes that you place on your head. Then roll a little black play dough between your fingers into a thin strand, which you also place on your head as a mouth.

Roll out three balls of red play dough for a button placket and a thin strand of yellow play dough that you can place decoratively on your arms and legs in parts. Here you can let your creativity run free.


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