Advent calendar: Door 14 - The hot chocolate

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Door 14 - The cup with hot
chocolate and cream

You need:

your red OHK net
your green OHKnete
your white OHK net
your blue OHK net

That's how it's done:

First we mix again a really small amount of red play dough and green play dough together to get brown play dough for the chocolate. Then form a cup out of your blue dough by rolling a larger amount into a thick "sausage" and then smoothing the ends so that your top and bottom are straight. For the handle, roll a little blue play dough into a strand and place it in a semicircle on your cup. 

The brown one play dough you press it very, very flat on a smooth surface and put it on top of your cup.

Roll the white play dough into a strand and lay them on top of each other in a circle so that there is a "pile" or a snail shell :). This mound will be your whipped cream on top of the hot chocolate - delicious! You put this on the brown play dough.

To make it really tasty, you create little sugar sprinkles with your red dough, which you spread on your cream.

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