Advent calendar: Door 13 - The Christmas tree ball

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Posted by Tanja Cerro am

Door 13 - The Christmas tree ball

You need:

your red OHKnete
your blue OHKnete
your yellow OHK net
your black OHK net

That's how it's done:

Take your red dough and roll it into a ball, then simply flatten it on a flat surface - you'll have a round ball straight away. You can decorate these however you like. First we rolled the blue plasticine into strands and placed them parallel to each other in the form of a snake on the upper part of the ball. Then we rolled many small balls out of the yellow play dough and spread them over the rest of the ball. Finally, you can take your black dough and roll a long strand into a ribbon and put it on top. As the icing on the cake, roll a bit of black play dough into a strand and fold it into two loops. You put this on your ball on the ball and on your black ribbon. So it looks like a little loop.

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