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slimeslime. Fan: LOnaPlena

slimeslime. Fan: LOnaPlena

slimeslime. Fan: LOnaPlena

SlimeSlime ASMR

Hey, I'm Jennifer aka LOnaPlena [Twitch]. I discovered SlimeSlime a few months ago while looking for Slime for my ASMR streams. Since I already had experience with slime, it was important to me to buy unusual, individual and interesting slime for my streams and my viewers and not a cheap chemical cocktail for a few euros, which is then no good. After a long search I discovered Etsy the SlimeSlime Shop and was immediately impressed. So many choices of slime and the creative implementation of each product impressed me. I then found out more about the SlimeSlime website and was even more impressed when I read that SlimeSlime is a small family business and also pays attention to the sustainability of their products and packaging. I immediately ordered two slimes and tested them. The packaging alone was incredibly cute, it was personalized and included a personal message, a flyer and a little candy.

My first slimes were this Floam P and UniHorn slime The consistency of both was very sticky at first, but with the included activator, you quickly got the consistency under control as I prefer a firm consistency. Using the new slimes for the first time in my streams was a big highlight and was so well received by the viewers. Some told me directly that they also ordered some after seeing the slime from me. I had ordered about five more slimes in the future and am now for mine Slime ASMR famous. My absolute favorites are these Bingsu Beads Slimes, they have an intriguing consistency and make an incredible sound!

I will definitely continue shopping at SlimeSlime and can't really give any suggestions for improvement, only that SlimeSlime should always come up with new creative ideas for new Slimes, as I can't wait to see what Slimes will come in the future.

I'd really like to have that next Alien Eye Glossy Light Slime because it is supposed to glow in the dark.

Simply fantastic!
Thank you dear SlimeSlime team.

Kind regards Jennifer [LOnaPlena] ♥

Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/lonaplena
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/lonaplena/


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  • Die Simes aus Lonas Streams sind mega! optisch und Sound technisch richtig gut

    björn_eisenseite on

  • Der Slime ist in Jennys Streams immer bombastisch.
    Er ist ein sehr guter ASMR trigger!!!

    Maitune on

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