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Me and my Slime...

Me and my Slime...

...in this blog article I would like to explain to you what happens after you buy our slime and how long you will have fun with your slime.

After you have decided to buy a slime from us, it will be produced, packaged and shipped for you, usually within 1-2 working days.

Slime is a little diva.

It reacts to many influences such as cold or heat. If the slime has been in the cold for too long during shipping, it may have hardened in consistency, just the opposite will happen if it has been in the heat for too long. Then it can become a little more liquid. give yours new Favourite toy - Slime some time to get used to the room temperature.

We always ship our products with the consistency that is best for us.

So you don't really have to do anything after delivery except maybe let the slime rest and acclimatize. If the slime from Germany doesn't have the desired consistency afterwards, you can now use our Superduo Activator and Softener. With both you have to be very careful with the dosage. If you add too much Activator the slime will be too hard if you add too much Softener it will be too soft. We recommend just a few drops at a time.


Another tip.

If your favorite slime is too sticky after you bought it, first take a smaller amount to play with and you will see that after a while it is no longer sticky, now you can gradually take more.

We wish you lots of fun with yours mucusIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp on our website.


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