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At what point do you actually lose track?

At what point do you actually lose track?

Today we received an order from a customer who ordered from us in the shop for the 2nd time. I know this because I remembered the name. Now is that a good sign? - Because it means my brain is doing a good job? Or is it a bad sign because we just don't have enough orders? But maybe that's not so important, because the best thing about it is that he ordered again, which in turn means that the customer with our Slime is satisfied. Which, in turn, makes us very happy people. We're not seeing such good numbers this month. We'd been doing really well for the past few months, but March didn't want to join the party. We also fall behind on Google. We can't quite explain it, but we're in good spirits and of course staying on the ball. So we're considering going a little more on the offensive in the social media area.

TikTok - It's absolutely amazing how much time you can spend on this platform

Since I actually feel “a bit too old” and also uncreative, I pushed the idea of becoming more active there after a few tries again and again. I think our eldest son has to do that. He belongs to the TikTok generation, just like I belong to the >>I only have 160 characters SMS - HDGDL<< generation. Oh god, when I think back... how I tinkered with my text messages to stay within 160 characters. SMS!!! You were only logged in to Facebook to play games. People always wanted to have the smallest mobile phone. A Nokia and Snake records were part of our everyday life. My first smartphone. Intense... Okay, I digress. So TikTok videos, with Slime. There are thousands Slimevideos and all are kinda the same. Can't you really get more creative? And I'm not talking about the slime… there really are no limits to that. I'm talking about the structure of the video. My children had already thrown in two or three good ideas in the brainstorming session. But it's super important to us that you don't see any faces. Maybe we'll take up the superhero track. Our illustrator is really doing such a great job! - Have you already discovered his pictures on our site? Unpacking videos, in superhero costumes, of our slime sets. I think that could be something. Uh, I can already see myself flapping around as Wonder Woman on your #fyp (This means FYP: For Your Page. The abbreviation used in the TikTok app for the "For You" page.). 

Social media - how does that actually get along with family life?

Now I'm contemplating a social media career as Slime Wonder Woman, forgetting the part I preach to my kids to put down their phones every day. How are they supposed to learn if mom doesn't do it any differently? Sure - it's part of the job, they understand that. Social media is as much a part of an online career as coffee is to a morning routine. My husband likes his coffee with milk and sugar. However, he doesn't make coffee either, but mocha! Our videos should also be like mocha. Intense and a little different. I'll continue to use this metaphor now, comparing the standard slime videos to pure black coffee. A weeeeenig boring (but not bad - for many just completely "normal"). We want milk and sugar! And either we get coffee with milk and sugar or we don't drink at all. Yes, it's roughly the same with the videos. Either they get really good or we don't. You could also call it perfectionism. So if we want to create such a perfect video, we spend many more hours in front of our smartphone screen and show our children that it is completely normal to invest all this time in social media, but I can't call it commendable. dilemma. For me that means that it only starts filming when the children are asleep or they are just involved and that becomes a “family thing”. I'm for the family thing - but it should still remain anonymous! Let's see if I can hold my own in my new job as a director.

Much love, Tanya

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