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Noch mehr neues im Shop: die Calming Bottle

Even more new in the shop: the Calming Bottle

Even more new in the shop: the Calming Bottle

The attentive shop visitors among you may have already come across it: the Calming Bottle. Next to ours play dough it is at the same time the second novelty after the Slime in our selection. It is a very special bottle that really has it all.

But what is a Calming Bottle anyway?

This is a so-called sensory bottle, which in this case appeals to the eye as a sensory organ. It helps perfectly to reduce stress, and that in very different situations in life.

But the Calming Bottle has many other completely different uses, which we will now look at in detail.

  • The Calming Bottle helps children in their development

The children's fine motor skills are trained by shaking, twisting and turning the bottle. They can also discover many small objects inside the belly of the bottle and experiment with gravity.

  • The Calming Bottle is a great toy for children

Children can with the Calming Bottle let their creativity run wild while playing. The small objects do not follow any predetermined movement or direction. You can therefore, for example, guess where particle xy will travel next and which others it will meet on its way. The Calming Bottle thus offers a whole range of new visual experiences. Whole stories can be spun in this way. which one is yours

  • Easily shift the focus with the Calming Bottle

Has anything unpleasant happened to you? No problem for the Calming Bottle. The movements in her stomach have something hypnotic about them and have a calming effect. Just by observing, the focus shifts until the unpleasant emotion simply dissolves. Incidentally, this phenomenon does not only occur in children, adults have also had positive experiences with it.

  • Find your way back to productivity with the Calming Bottle

The Calming Bottle has a similar effect to focus point 3 when there is too much energy. For example, when the child comes home from school with a lot of enthusiasm and babbles like a waterfall about new experiences with his friends. How is it supposed to sit down quietly at the desk and do its homework in a really productive way? Only a round of Calming Bottle helps to create the right transition.

  • The Calming Bottle can be used as a timer

Once properly shaken, the Calming Bottle serves as an ingenious timer. You devote yourself to a certain task until the last movement in the wrong belly has come to a standstill. In the end, you can pat yourself on the back for what you've accomplished during that time. You will be surprised.

Each Calming Bottle is unique

Yes, you read that right: no two Calming Bottles are alike. However, we put the crown on the whole thing and make it a numbered unique piece. So if you want to secure one of the first numbers on the bottle, you should shop in our shop quickly.

Tell us about your personal experiences with ours on social media using the hashtag #slimeslime Calming Bottle. We are very excited to see what you will experience and then have to tell.

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