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Ab sofort haben wir Knete im Kopf … äh, im Shop

From now on we have clay in our heads... uh, in the shop

From now on we have clay in our heads... uh, in the shop

Yes, you read that right: We now not only offer slime, but also play dough fFor small children, older children and everyone who has remained a child. You can find out how this came about and what exactly you can expect in this blog post.

Where did the decision to include clay in the range come from?

That's quite a funny story coming from Labor professor dr dr Tanya from Orrec has happened. Now you will definitely laugh and roll your eyes and think: Sure, where else? But don't worry, no accident happened this time. The laboratory is still standing and everyone involved is fine very fantastic. Okay, now if you take a look at Professor Dr. dr If you could throw Tanja von Orrec, you might not see it that way. But we'll get to that later.

In any case, the professor had a visit from distant relatives some time ago. Doing this in more detail now would certainly only lead to confusion. We would like to tell you what actually happened. Because this boy named Jim was very experimental. A bit of mixing here and there has magically created clay that contains only natural ingredients.

Putty made from only natural ingredients?

Exactly. It is even 100% vegan and also comes into the jar without any alum. This is a salt that is contained in every commercially available play dough. And the best thing is: our play dough doesn't smell like play dough at all. Because we refine it with essential oils, it smells just as great as you did from ours Slime be used to. So it fits in perfectly with this one.
It took some time until Professor Dr. dr Tanja von Orrec created the right mixes. You don't believe it at all. At first she put far too much of the oils in it and not only the lab smelled of many smells at the same time - almost unpleasant. But now she's got the hang of it and is ready to pour the clay into the pots. Oh yes, there was something else.

Putty in different sizes and in a set

You are used to one size fits all from our slime - apart from the giveaways. However, the dough is available in three different sizes. For really big construction projects, the putty is dispensed in a 600 ml pot Ocean PlasticThe set of 2 consists of 250 ml jars, in which you can also choose the color of the modeling clay. It is of course also possible to choose the same color twice if you For example, you think the color blue is great and the other colors are out of the question for you or you simply need supplies, but 600 ml in a pot are a bit too much. Of course, this is also a great gift idea if you want to give away your favorite color to your friends. Finally, there is also our set of 4 that includes all four colors (Yellow, Red, Blue and Green). In this set, the putty is filled into 150 ml jars.

And what about glitter?

Ja, we also have that: the OHKnete glitter edition. So you see, there is something for everyone in our shop fun the right putty available. However, if you are still missing something, please write us your wishes and we will see if there will be more in the future. After all, we first have to see whether and how you like our play dough. So let's start with the
Standard colors – and the aforementioned glitter edition. It's best to hop straight over to our shop. Because we would be very happy if you would buy and try out the brand-new play dough in addition to our slime. Actually, we're not allowed to tell you, but right now the professor is sitting in her laboratory as if on hot coals and is very impatiently waiting for your feedback. After all, she needs to know if she needs to remodel or even expand her lab to fulfill all your desires. You can also use the dough on Social
Media are welcome to post your artwork and use the hashtag #slimeslime. Then we can also marvel at them and be happy with you about what you have created.
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