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Adventskalender: Türchen 3 - Die Schneeflocke

Advent calendar: Door 3 - The snowflake

Advent calendar: Door 3 - The snowflake

Door 3 - The Snowflake

You need:

your blue OHKnete
a roll or alternatively eg a bottle
a cutting tool

You want to form small, simple figures out of plasticine? Then you've come to the right place in this advent calendar with 24 great and Christmassy kneading ideas. It's getting wintry with our snowflakes made of OHKnete, because today it's bitterly cold and yesterday it snowed almost the whole time here in Lower Saxony. Unfortunately, the snow didn't stay put. :(  

That's how it's done:

But now to the essentials - Today you only need your blue clay. Roll it out on a smooth surface. We recommend punching or cutting a circle first and now you can let your creativity run wild. Simply create a pretty pattern with your kneading tool or a knife (whichever you are allowed to use). Each snowflake is individual and no two are the same, so each of your snowflakes will always be unique. You are also very welcome to use our modeling clay snowflake as a guide. Here we have started to cut the upper tip of one of the "little arms" into shape - to do this, cut out a triangle on the left and right from the middle, so the pattern is created in no time at the end of the snowflake. From the middle we cut out a triangle to the next "arm" and repeated the same pattern. We repeated the whole thing in a circle until we got back to the first "little arm", for this please leave a circle in the middle of your snowflake so that the "little arms" don't break off and stay connected (actually there should be five ends, we but we misjudged the place a bit - as you can see, everything is optional!). Finally, we cut out a small circle from the blue play dough and placed it in the middle of the snowflake. Have fun and warm hands with your OHKnete.

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