Nr. 7 EMIL - Dem Nikolaus auf der Spur

No. 7 Emil - on the trail of Santa Claus

No. 7 Emil - on the trail of Santa Claus

On the evening of December 5th, Emil was in bed with open eyes and stared at the dark ceiling, and their parents had just went to sleep and it was quiet in the house.At some point that night, Santa Claus would come and fill his boots with many treats. But when would that be? Right at midnight? Before or after? Emil was too excited to sleep.

Suddenly he had an idea and put himself in bed jerkily.

"But of course! I could make myself invisible with the help of my miracle lime and wait for Santa Claus. He would not even notice that I was there at all. " Emil's miracle lime had already served him a lot of good service and led him from one adventure to the next. But would he be able to make himself really invisible with him?

Emil got up, rummaged his miracle lime out of the drawer and repeated his wish. Just a little later he felt a strange tingling in the whole body. Did it work? Quick, but as quiet as possible, he went to his room door, opened her and ran to the big mirror in the hallway. He stood right in front of this, but could only see the wall behind him. There was nothing to be seen from Emil himself.

He almost shouted out loudly with joy, but it could just help it. So it actually worked. He only had to look for a place from where he could see Santa Claus well, without he stood in the way. Should he go out into the garden? No, it was too cold in pajamas. Even if he attracted thick winter clothing. After all, he didn't know how long he had to endure.

"So better look out of a window," he murmured softly.

But which one did he have the best view of the front door in front of which the boots were standing? The question was also: where did Santa Claus come from? Would he like to get through the garden gate like all other visitors, he simply pops up in front of the empty boots or crept around the house from behind so that you couldn't spot it from a window?

But suddenly he had enlightenment. “All nonsense! There is a better place than a window! « Well, do you know which place Emil might mean? No, not the roof. How should he get up there? In addition, that was far too dangerous. A false kick and he would tumble down. The solution was much easier and, above all, safer: the front door was largely made of glass.

So Emil sat on the floor behind the door and waited. He had to persevere there for a long time and gradually he got tired - so tired that he had to be careful not to close his eyes. Otherwise he would fall asleep on the spot and miss the Nicholas at the end. Nanu, what was that? Hadn't he saw a dark figure? Emil rubbed her eyes and then tore it open. He looked through the glass pane into the garden.

The small garden door was opened exactly at that moment and someone came along the narrow path directly towards him. No, not on him, but on the house. “He doesn't see me. He doesn't see me, ”he whispered. Emil trembled all over the body before excitement. It was so far. He would see the bodily Nicholas right away.

The shape came closer and closer and suddenly the motion detector of the lighting started on the doorstep.

Emil winced. At the latest at the latest, Santa Claus should have seen him if he hadn't been invisible, because he pressed his nose very close to the glass so that he couldn't miss anything.

But the Santa Claus, who wore a decorative robe and a felt meter -high hat and held a staff in one hand that was going up. In the other hand he wore a plump sack. He dismantled it with a wheezing caught by the door, leaning the stick onto the house wall and rummaging around in the sack. He took out several little things and filled them to the boots.

Emil was happy. Already that night he was able to take a look at the treats that were put into his boots. In addition, he could actually watch Santa Claus in his work. Which child could do this from himself? Just stupid that nobody would believe him. No matter, he knew that it was not a dream, but another adventure that he was allowed to experience thanks to his miracle.

After a while the Santa Claus was finished, picked up stock and sack and booted the garden path back through the thin layer of snow, which was easy to see due to the lighting. Shortly afterwards everything was as always - only the boots were no longer empty. Emil happily went back to his room and lay down in his bed again. His whole body tingled again and he knew that he was no longer invisible.

With a satisfied smile on his lips, he fell asleep and looked forward to emptying his boots tomorrow.

Author: Bettina Huchler

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