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Today I'm at Grandma's, we baked cookies - hazelnut cookies with chocolate icing and colorful pearls on top. Do you love it too, that smell of cookies baking in the oven?

Grandpa is standing on the chair and is draping an angel on top of the Christmas tree, which is spread out in the right corner, next to the window. Colorful lights flash in the windows and Kalle, Grandma and Grandpa's dog snores in front of the fireplace, in which a small fire is blazing. It's Christmas and you can see it everywhere. It really is the best time of the year, don't you agree? Earlier I was even able to make a snow angel in the garden, but unfortunately there is nothing left of it because it is still snowing. The footpath that Opi shoveled free earlier is again covered with a thick, white layer of snow. The news is on on TV, a man announces that air traffic will be suspended until further notice due to the heavy snow. 

"Oh no! But how is Santa going to bring the presents tomorrow if nobody is allowed to fly?”

... frightened I look at Grandma and Grandpa. Then an idea occurs to me: "Do you think Santa might need a little help this year?" I run upstairs to the spare room I'm sleeping in and pull my Miracle Slime out from under the bed. I reach in and...

"Hey! Hey! Wake up. What are you doing here?' a small, pointed shoe taps my arm a few times, as if to test whether I'm still alive. I lie in the snow and large, thick flakes fall on my face. But these flakes look very different than at home. They shine and glitter in a blue, as if someone had powdered them with glitter dust.

"Me, I'm here to help Santa Claus."

I say and look into two big elf eyes. His ears stick out from under the red bobble hat and his nose looks like a yellow golf ball. "Aha, and why would you want to do that?" the elf looks at me skeptically. 'About the blizzard. He's not allowed to fly and... and that's when I thought I'd help him. I'm Emil, I have a Miracle Slime. Surely he can help too. Flying, you know?!" 

"Well, come with me then." The elf offers me his hand and I take it. He is amazingly strong for his size and pulls me to my feet in no time. "Wow, you're a strong little guy," I tell him, and he grins broadly at me.

We walk a little across a snow-covered, glittering meadow to a forest of fir trees. That scent - it's almost better than freshly baked cookies. "What's your name, anyway?" I ask the elf who's sculpting my face out of snowflakes in the air. I can hardly believe my eyes. "Wow. How... how do you do it?" 

“I'm an elf. I can do that! My name is Zipp, by the way.”

another big grin. "We're here," Zipp says, but I can't see anything. »Where, there?! There's nothing here.« Zipp gives me his hand again and pulls me behind and pulls me with him. A warm strudel of baked apple, candy canes and the scent of pine swirls around me and suddenly I'm standing in a factory that looks like a toy store. 

"Hello Emil." A deep voice greets me, but again I can't see anything. Shortly thereafter, it shimmers and flickers right in front of me and there he stands. incarnate. Santa Claus. Just as I know him. With a long white beard and a red suit. Gold buttons and black boots. 

I'm so excited I can't get a word out. “So you came to help me. Tell me then,« he says, motioning for me to follow him. I tell him about my Miracle Slime and that it can grant wishes, not all, but most. I tell him about my great adventures and that I imagined that the Slime could also grant him a wish. »Mh.«, Santa Claus mutters to himself.

“Well, Emil, I don't need any help with flying. I'm Santa Claus and my sleigh is designed for flying in the snow.' He winks. 'But I could use some help wrapping the children's Christmas presents. My packing machine broke down. Could you and your slime do something about that?”

"Nothing easier than that!" I shout. 

When I wake up I'm with Grandma and Grandpa, my parents are already there. I run down the stairs into the living room - and there they are. Beautifully wrapped, under the tree. The Christmas Presents. This is the best Christmas ever!

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