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Nr.1 Emil und der Wunder-Slime!

No.1 Emil and the Miracle Slime!

No.1 Emil and the Miracle Slime!


hey Here you can read Emil's first story. The adventures are written by different authors. Each of them has a different idea about Emil, each has a different writing style, and everyone who writes our stories about Emil will come up with wonderful adventures. We only have one template: Emil always experiences his adventures with his miracle slime. From now on we will enclose the stories in printed form with our orders. In addition, we provide a PDF for download here. I hope you have a lot of fun with Emil!


No.1 Emil and the Miracle Slime!

no Mom just said no. But my birthday is coming up soon and that was my only wish. "So unfair!" I scold and stomp up the stairs to my room. "I'm not Betty!" I snort, flopping down on my bed. My aunt told mom Betty liked to play pranks with him Slime, which my uncle bought for her from the most popular slime shop in Germany. Of course Mom is afraid I'll think of the same nonsense. But your concern is completely unfounded. First: I want to have it to myself and play with it. Knead it, poke it with my fingers and admire its beautiful colors. Second: What does Mama suddenly have against pranks? After all, she regularly fools dad too. I can think of any other toys for boys choose, she says. Everything else. Except what I really want. "Oh man!" It breaks out of me and I
hit my pillow. Then my piggy bank catches my eye. Maybe...yeah maybe I can buy my own slime. I grab the can and shake it vigorously. But alas, all I hear is a single coin banging against its inner walls. I sigh. Is my wish really asking too much? My sister asked for a castle for her birthday. But no toys for girls. She wants a real princess castle. Near the sea. You can at least fulfill my wish in the Slime-Shop to buy. "What the hell," I console myself. Now there is only one thing that would cheer me up: A little exploration in the fresh air. I adjust my adventurer's hat on my red hair and throw my backpack over my shoulders. 

"Mom, I'm going on an expedition!",

I call into the hallway. "Okay Emil, but be back home before it gets dark."-"Yes Mom!". The door slams shut and I walk in the direction of the playground. I pause for a moment at the fork in the road. To the left is the forest cemetery and straight ahead to my favorite playground. Actually, I'm not allowed to walk alone in the forest. But today I want to be a real adventurer. I look around to see if a possible traitor is watching me and set off. The lush green leaves on the brown branches of the trees always remind my mom of me. Because I have two different eye colors. My left eye is green like a leaf and my right eye is brown like the wood of a tree. She always tells me that when we go for a long walk in the woods with the family. As I walk past the forest cemetery, I notice a yellow excavator peeking out of a bush. On toys for children. "Probably lost someone.", I state. As I look around to find the owner of the excavator, I spot a suspicious shadow between two other bushes a few meters away
rocky slope grow. Can this be a cave? Indeed! I don't hesitate for a second and enter the small cave. It's pitch black and I have to duck.

Luckily I packed my flashlight.

My heart is beating in my throat. My curiosity is stronger than the queasy feeling spreading in my stomach. "ARGH!". The ground below me suddenly becomes steep and I slide headfirst into the darkness. Damn. Where's my flashlight? Dazed, I look around and discover her lying on the edge above me. I'll never get there. What do I do now? "HELP! IS SOMEONE THERE? HELP!” I scream at the top of my lungs. I take a closer look. There must be something. I have to be able to climb out of here somehow. Suddenly I notice a soft light. i follow him The light keeps getting brighter. The end of the corridor is a dead end. There is nothing more than a pedestal with this soothing light that magically attracts me. As I get closer, I realize that the supposed light is a little glass. A jar of something that looks like..."Slime?” I ask surprised.
I can hardly believe my luck. "Please don't let this be a dream," I beg. I carefully unscrew the lid of the jar and get it Slime out.

It's not a dream. Finally!

Now I don't have to Slime buy more. No slime shop in the world sells one like that. With the slime in hand, I run back again and realize that I still haven't found a solution on how to get to this jump. "I would have to be a lizard
to be able to climb up there.” As soon as I voice this thought, I feel completely strange. Kinda small and scaly. "What? I am a lizard?”. I turned into a red lizard with one green eye and one brown eye. Stunned and excited, I crawl up the slope. When I get to the top, I sit down next to my flashlight. Nobody can see me like this! What do I do now? "I have to be a boy again, so I can't go home like this," I say excitedly. Bright light. And shortly after that I feel normal again. I see my human hands, in the left I hold the jar, in the right the slime. A wonder. I have Miracle Slime found. I proudly put the miracle slime back in the jar.

"Let the adventures begin." I whisper and walk home.

Author: Larissa Brugger

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